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Annual Conference

So, here I am at annual conference. I’m surrounded by a lot of great people. They love God. They want to work. So, then why is our conference looking people?

As I sat there, I had to honestly admit to myself that I didn’t know. Well, I think I have an idea. It seems like things are changing, but we are still defining ‘success’ my statistics. We keep comparing this year to last year to the year before, etc. But what if things have changed? What if things have changed so much, that one of the first things we need to change is what we even base our ‘success’ on.

I do believe that if we are going to make disciples (I’m not sure I know what this means anymore), if we are going to help people move closer to Jesus, then I believe it will have to happen outside the church walls. This means, that the folks we reach may not come to church (egads!). If they don’t, then what do we count and how do we count?

Now, the thought of helping people move closer to Jesus without the church worries me. Yet, I think that perhaps I’m worried because that is the only ‘model’ I have. I’m sure there could be other models out there where people grow closer to God through Jesus, become followers of Jesus, live generous lives, etc, yet, the church (or what I think of when I say church) may not be involved like it once was.

But…then again…I really don’t know either.

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