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  • Paper Finished!

    Over the past month I’ve been researching and writing a paper for one of my D.Min classes. I’m happy to report I sent it in today! Wow. Finally. I’ve discovered that I like the research much more than that writing. I guess I also need to find someone to read through my papers and help […]

  • Paper Time

    I really enjoyed my last class….and now it is time to do the paper. I’m not sure why, but I always question myself as I write it. I’m never sure what the professor wants. Then I catch myself and decide, it doesn’t matter what the professor wants, the important thing is what I’ve learned and […]

  • A Renewal At Asbury

    Asbury College: Wilmore KY » Catalyst for Renewal: Continous Chapel Services Concluded I missed this as it was happening…Ironic, but I was probably working on my paper for my doctoral studies at Asbury Seminary while the renewal (revival?) was going on at Asbury College). Anyway, the link is at the top and you can also […]

  • Donations for Doctoral Program

    I usually like to have things pretty much mapped out before I start a journey. However, this has not happened with my doctoral program. So, I’m basically stepping out on faith. I’m finding that doctoral programs are not cheap. So, I’m trying to find various ways to fund this adventure I’m on. So far, I […]

  • Back….again…..

    It’s been a while since I posted last. Thought I shoudl at least get on and post that I have been accepted to the Doctoral program at Asbury Theological Seminary. I’ve been accepted to start the January 2006 session. This means a couple of things for me. One, it means that I must get back […]