Lenten Devotional

Looking for a Lenten Devotional? My friend Curt and I wrote one. It reflects on the four soils Jesus mentions in Matthew 13. Along with the reflections, there is space for your own thoughts as well as some spiritual practices.

You can find more information and get the Kindle or paperback version at:

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Rethinking Stations of the Cross

Reflecting on the Stations of the Cross is a practice that isn’t real well known among United Methodists. Reflection on the various stations can be a powerful experience and can help individuals connect with the events surrounding the last week of Jesus’ life.

There are many ways to reflect on the Stations of the Cross. Here is a video from the United Methodist Committee on Communications that highlights how one church made their Stations of the Cross experiential. Perhaps this church’s creativity can help you find other ways to reflect on Jesus’ last week.

N. T. Wright Lenten Bible Reading Plan

For those of you using the YouVersion bible app (or website), there is a Lenten reading plan from N. T. Wright! This is simply awesome. I highly recommend YouVersion both for their breadth of bible versions and especially for the reading plans. If you have a smartphone (Android or IPhone based) this is a great way to integrate the bible into your life. If you don’t have a smart phone, you can have YouVersion send you the reading via email! Enjoy!


Lent for Everyone is a devotional created and written by N.T. (Tom) Wright. For each day of Lent, there is a reading chosen from the Gospel of Matthew, plus a reflection by Wright. These readings have grown out of a project encouraging Lent reading in Northern England. This is the second in a three-volume series based on the Revised Common Lectionary of the Church of England.

via Reading Plans – YouVersion.com.