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  • Review – Didn’t See It Coming – Carey Nieuwhof

    Review – Didn’t See It Coming – Carey Nieuwhof

    In “Didn’t See it Coming” Carey Nieuwhof outlines seven challenges that can catch a pastor or leader by surprise even though they are ubiquitous. The seven challenges are Cynicism, Compromise, Disconnection, Irrelevance, Pride, Burnout, and Emptiness.  Carey calls these seven challenges “epidemics of our age.” While these things have a tendency to catch us off […]

  • Michael Hyatt’s Leaderbox – First Impressions

    Michael Hyatt’s Leaderbox – First Impressions

    If you want to see what a Leaderbox looks like, here’s my unboxing and first impressions: I told myself I wasn’t going to do it. I told myself it was too much money. But then, I received a 10% off coupon for Michael Hyatt’s Leaderbox and I thought I’d revisit my initial decision. After thinking […]

  • Review – Acer R11 4 Gig Real Life Review

    Review – Acer R11 4 Gig Real Life Review

    What this Review Is And Is Not I thought I’d do a review of the Acer R11 Chromebook focusing on how it fits within my daily workflow. This review will not address the technical specifics of the Chromebook, but more day to day usability. If you are interested in specifications, octane speeds, etc., there are […]

  • Review – Quiet by Susan Cain

    Review – Quiet by Susan Cain

    [amazon asin=0307352153&template=wishlist&chan=default] Susan Cain’s book on introversion is, in my estimation, an indispensable resource on challenges introverts face in an extroverted world. The book is well researched and written. The five years it Cain took to write is evident. I was surprised by the amount of research Quiet contained, and the extensive research serves as […]

  • Review – The Deeper Path by Kary Oberbrunner

    [amazon asin=0801015219&template=wishlist&chan=default] I received a pre-release electronic copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. I just finished Kary Oberbrunner’s book and I’m conflicted. I’m giving the book three stars. Overall the book was a good positive book. There were many helpful points, and thoughts. Following the exercises to create one’s OPUS and […]