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  • Have we gotten heaven all wrong? – N. T. Wright

    N. T. Wright is my favorite biblical scholar. He has helped me work through many issues regarding biblical faith. Here’s an article where Wright addresses the concept of Heaven and how we have gotten it wrong. I highly suggest to not just read this article, but also work through the belief systems that have created […]

  • How God Became King

    N. T. Wright has a new book out called When God Became King. In it he argues that we have been misreading the Gospels. I pre-ordered the book about a month before it came out and was exited when it showed up on my Kindle last week. Since I’m still reading it, I am not […]

  • The BIGBible Project | Live Q&A with Professor Tom Wright #bigread12

    There is a UK project called the BigBible Project. The hope is to get more people to integrate the bible into their lives. It sounds like a wonderful project. N. T. Wright is a supporter of the project. He he even had an hour question and answer session online! I think this is pretty cool. […]

  • N. T. Wright on Digital Tools for Bible Study

    N. T. Wright sat down with Logos to discuss digital tools for Bible study, the importance of original language study, some favorite books, and more. He has some very enlightening comments and calls for a bigger global vision. Check it out!

  • We Will Finally Get There

    After You Believe: Why Christian Character Matters In After You Believe: Why Christian Character Matters N. T. Wright states, Jesus came to help us discover who we really are, and sometimes, as with Jesus’s first followers, it takes a while for people to figure it out, and they make mistakes as they’re doing so—but they’ll […]