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  • Bigfoot Hoax: “Body” Is Rubber Suit

      As far as Bigfoot hoaxes go, it was short-lived one. – from Bigfoot Hoax: “Body” Is Rubber Suit   I really wasn’t following this story too much. After all…Bigfoot??? I went to the news article and started following the links and discovered a world I never knew existed. Oh, I knew there have been […]

  • Discovery

    I’m discovering that it is possible to fail, yet succeed. Sometimes we try so hard to succeed at things that, in the end, just don’t matter that much. The danger is that we succeed in those things, yet fail at the things that really matter. I’m discovering that it is possible to lose, yet win. […]

  • Spoiled by Success

    I was reading Looking for Jesus by Adrian van Kaam and stumbled upon this wonderful passage: Clearly, there is no greater thing we can do than to be faithful to the work of God in the most simple events of our daily life. we must do the common work of every day in an uncommon […]

  • Post-modernism

    I think the thing about the whole post-modern movement is the feeling that some are making it into some program. It seems like if there is anything that effects the church, we are able to turn it into a program and try to market it. For me, post-modernism is not a program, it is simply […]

  • As a pastor, one of the things I get to do is perf…

    As a pastor, one of the things I get to do is perform a funeral. At first, funerals really bothered me. However, now, I feel more comfortable. I am glad that I can serve in the capacity to help someone or a family through a time of grief. After all, death isn’t the end, but […]