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  • Review – Devotions on the Greek New Testament

    [amazon asin=0310492548&template=wishlist] As I make my way through this devotional (I received a pre-release electronic copy in exchange for an honest review), I find myself thinking, “I need a devotional like this.” I simply love this devotional. Part of why I like it so much has to do with my desire to keep my Greek […]

  • How God Became King

    N. T. Wright has a new book out called When God Became King. In it he argues that we have been misreading the Gospels. I pre-ordered the book about a month before it came out and was exited when it showed up on my Kindle last week. Since I’m still reading it, I am not […]

  • The BIGBible Project | Live Q&A with Professor Tom Wright #bigread12

    There is a UK project called the BigBible Project. The hope is to get more people to integrate the bible into their lives. It sounds like a wonderful project. N. T. Wright is a supporter of the project. He he even had an hour question and answer session online! I think this is pretty cool. […]

  • N. T. Wright Lenten Bible Reading Plan

    For those of you using the YouVersion bible app (or website), there is a Lenten reading plan from N. T. Wright! This is simply awesome. I highly recommend YouVersion both for their breadth of bible versions and especially for the reading plans. If you have a smartphone (Android or IPhone based) this is a great way to […]

  • Light to my Feet, or Weight Around my Neck

      In Psalm 119, the writer shares his love of God’s word. He wants to learn it, be guided by it and meditate on it day and night. He views it as a light, and a comfort and in God’s word he places his trust. I have not always resonated with Psalm 119. Instead, I […]