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  • And the Rich will…Die – Reflection on Psalm 49

    And the Rich will…Die – Reflection on Psalm 49

    Psalm 49:1-20 Who hasn’t wondered why good things happen to bad people. We want to believe that good things happen to good people, but reality doesn’t always work out. Good people suffer. Bad people flourish. At least it seems that way.

  • Man of Stories

    My dad was a man of stories. If you ever met him, you would agree. I think if you spent maybe a half of hour with him you would know that he was a man of stories. I took this picture as my dad was telling one of his stories. For the life of me […]

  • The Last Goodbye Revisited

    Grief is a funny thing. As a pastor, I’ve read about grief, I’ve studied it and I’ve watched people go through it. Yet, I am still surprised. I was surprised this morning to find myself in tears after a dream I had about my father. My father died in September. Here it is in May […]

  • The Last Goodbye

    It was the last goodbye. The only thing was, I didn’t know it at the time. My father seemed like he was feeling better. It had been a week since we learned the news that he had cancer. Before that, he simply wasn’t feeling right. After a couple of weeks of feeling bad he decided […]

  • Nothing Tougher…

    We sat there each knowing what the report would bring but unable to bring ourselves to deal with the realities. We wanted to hang on to hope even though all hope was gone. She had been in ICU for two days. The pressure on her brain was at 120, it was suppose to be 20-30. […]