Moving From Drupal 7 to WordPress 3.3

I’ve been running this site on Drupal for quite a while. Back in March I decided to move the site to Drupal 7. While I really like Drupal, there are some things that I would like to do, but just can’t seem to be able to get worked out.

One of the main things I’ve wanted to do was use Windows Live Writer, or my phone to post to the blog. I’ve messed with Blog_api to no avail. While there has been some work in that area, it seemed like there wasn’t enough interest, so the only way I could really post was to go to the website….which I didn’t do very often.

After trying out the WordPress app on my Android phone I realized my best option was to move the site to WordPress. That is _much_ easier said than done. So, for those of you who want to move your Drupal site to WordPress, I want to outline the _basic_ steps. I do this knowing full well that my site isn’t completely functional. I will get to that in a moment.

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Major Update

Decided to move this blog to WordPress from Drupel. Mostly to be able to post remotely.  The downside is loosing the stats and probably messing up Google links. Hopefully the move will cause mevto post more. 


Not sure why I decide to update the site on a Friday night, but I did. This site runs on Drupal. It was sitting at Drupal 6.3 and every time I would log in it would complain because the current version is Drupal 6.20. Well, one thing led to another and after getting the site to 6.20 I thought, why not just upgrade it to Drupal 7? After all, how hard could it be?

After about 6 hours (plus some time off for pizza and a movie) I think I have it upgraded. I still need to work on the theme, and I just got some errors, but hopefully it will be something I can either fix or live with for the time being.

A New Post

A long time ago I connected this website with my Facebook page. That was a mistake. Tonight, I unconnected (if that is even a word) the two.

I realized that on Facebook I had friends that may or may not care about the topics I want to write about, or they might not understand what I’m writing about. I realized Facebook and this blog should not be connected.

I call this site Fuzzythinking because some of the thoughts on it are…well…fuzzy. They are not really ready for prime time. Some of the thoughts are not completely thought out, but are more like wonderings or musings. I realize that some might not be comfortable with such musings.

Others might not be comfortable with topics such as “Sex Scandal Plagues Methodist Founders” or “On Pastoral Work.” They might read those articles on Facebook and be trouble and leave nasty comments .

So, the two are now disconnected (hopefully). This can, once again, be a place of true Fuzzythinking.