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  • HP Chromebook X2 – Real World Review

    HP Chromebook X2 – Real World Review

    About five or six years ago, I started using Chromebooks. Up to that point, I was squarely in the world of Windows. I loved Windows as an operating system, but grew weary of the slow boots, slow updates, and program conflicts. I was also looking for something cheaper than most of the Windows laptops on […]

  • Four Tools To take a ChromeBook Beyond the Browser

    Four Tools To take a ChromeBook Beyond the Browser

    NOTE: I changed the title from “Four Tools to take ChromeOS Beyond the Browser” to “Four Tools to take a Chromebook Beyond the Browser” to reflect that Linux is used rather than native ChromeOS. Thanks to Philotech Mueller from the Chromebooks GooglePlus community for pointing it out! I’ve already written about why I use Chromebooks. […]

  • Why I use a Chromebook

    Why I use a Chromebook

    I’m a big fan of Chromebooks. I purchased my first Chomebook, a Toshiba 1st Generation, a few years back. Even though I am comfortable with technology, I love the simplicity, affordability, and how Chromebooks just work allowing me to focus on what matters; my work. More times than I can share, Windows would “get in […]

  • Transitioning to JoliOS

    The Computers / Background From time to time I become discontented with my computing situation. I’ve moved away from having the latest and greatest PC. Now I would much rather have a cheaper PC and find ways to get it to run well. My life is surrounded by four different computers. I have a computer […]

  • Book Review: Viral – Dr. Leonard Sweet

    [amazon asin=0307459152&template=wishlist&chan=default] Full Disclosure: I received this book as a review copy in exchange for an honest review. I must start out by confessing that I am a Leonard Sweet fan. I was unaware of how much a fan I was until I read his book Viral. Through 198 pages Sweet leads an expedition into […]