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Books for the Spiritual Life

I’m still working on the list of books. I’ve split the list into the classics and beginnings. After looking through my list I realized that many of the books such as St. Teresa of Avila, and St. John of the Cross would be difficult for someone just beginning to journey toward God. The language is, at times, difficult to understand and at times the authors try to describe experiences that most individuals have not had.


[amazon asin=0830813861&text=Invitation to a Journey&template=thumbnail] [amazon asin=0830832777&text=Invitation to a Journey&template=thumbnail] [amazon asin=0830835172&text=Invitation to a Journey&template=thumbnail]



[amazon asin=0960087621&text=Book Text&template=thumbnail][amazon asin=0960087664&text=St. Teresa of Avila Vol. 2&template=thumbnail] [amazon asin=0935216065&text=St. Teresa of Avila Vol. 3&template=thumbnail]

[amazon asin=0935216146&text=St. John of the Cross Complete Works&template=thumbnail] [amazon asin=0809123320&text=Cloud of Unknowing&template=thumbnail] [amazon asin=0935216588&text=Story of a Soul: The Autobiography of St. Therese of Lisieux&template=thumbnail]
[amazon asin=0809125730&text=Augustine: Selected Works&template=thumbnail] [amazon asin=0809124467&text=&template=thumbnail]


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  1. Bill Britton Avatar

    I like your site and love the recommended books section. You should put some buttons on your site for us to “like” or “share.” Anyway, keep up the good work.

    1. David Avatar

      Thanks. I haven’t worked too much on the site over the past year or so. Been spending time on some other projects. I’ve been hoping to get back to it, but I end up doing other things. ;)

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