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  • Worship Guide: 6-6-16 Life of David: How a Boy Became a King – Inside Job

    Worship Guide: 6-6-16 Life of David: How a Boy Became a King – Inside Job

    NOTE: These are being published to St. Paul’s Website as well. I’ll post them on here a few days after they are on St. Paul’s site. Prayer: If in a group, take prayer concerns. “Jesus, we come to you with full hearts. You have loved us and have cared for us. Too often in the…

  • Shared Leadership and the Church

    Shared Leadership and the Church

    Wheels of Progress In over twenty years of pastoring, I have not known the church to be on the “cutting edge” of culture. There may be an argument about some mega-churches focusing on innovation, but for the majority of churches, the wheels of progress move quite slowly. The statements of “We’ve never done it that…

  • Worship and Workout

    I think this is awesome! I wonder if there are other ways to integrate worship into the flow of life?

  • Review – Mystery of God by Steven D. Boyer and Christopher A. Hall

    [amazon asin=080102773X&template=wishlist] I received the electronic version of this book free in exchange for an honest review. There will be some who will not like this book. They will give it low ratings and pontificate about watering down the gospel or how the authors are wrong on one point or another. They might even say…

  • Prayer: Oxygen for the Soul

    I just recently stumbled upon this article. I’ve noticed the while UMs seem to believe in prayer and try to promote prayer, we really don’t pray. We might have prayer before meetings, or in our services, yet it feels like we are simply trying to do what we are expected to do. When we relinquish…