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Why I’ve Cooled on Twitter and Facebook

I have been a Twitter user since February 2007. At first I did not use Twitter too much. But after I found TweetDeck I discovered that Twitter could be a very useful too. I was able to connect with people, get news stories, and ended up discovering new things on the internet. Some of the webpages others pointed me to were of great help. Some of the conversations were good too. Yet, as of late, I am cooling toward Twitter.

I am not sure how long I have been using Facebook . It is a great service. I have been able to keep in touch with friends, family, and various church members. Yet, I am cooling toward Facebook too.

Why am I cooling to these services? One word: Distractions. Over time I began to realize how distracting these tools can be. While I believe there is a place for these tools, I am also finding that for much of what I need to be doing distractions are a killer. There have been various studies reporting that multitasking is a pipe dream. Even though we believe we are multitasking, the tasks we are working on all suffer.

So, I have decided to cool it on Twitter and Facebook. I am still trying to find a place for them in my life and from time to time I will check in with both services, but for the time being, I am going to focus…on focus.

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