Top 10 List on Why we are Dying…

Here’s my top 10 list on why are we dying?

I’m sure there are others….

10) Because we believe salvation is within our walls.
9) Because we are so busy with our own “stuff”
8) Because we have no idea what we are doing and we stopped being a long time ago.
7) Because we don’t really understand (or care to understand) what is going on with the people around us.
6) Because ministry is what is done to us (rather than what we can do for the others)
5) Because in all our breadth, we have forgotten our depth.
4) Because we don’t know how to be neighbors to the strangers.
3) Because we like the good gig we’ve got going.
2) Because mission is somewhere out there, not somewhere right here.

and the top 1 reason on why we are dying….

1) Because we seek to not die and thus never really live.

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