Different Lives

Here I find myself. Sitting in a nice office within a nice church that is located in a nice city. My life is pretty good when I take time to look at it correctly. Four children and a wonderful wife are waiting for me at home. My wife is probably preparing supper while my children are doing homework.

Yet, somewhere in this world there is another pastor. Doing what God is calling him to do. Only he is sitting in prision. He won’t have a nice supper tonight. He won’t be going home to his family. His life is much, much different than mine.

How in the world can I be at a place where the “problem” of pain is an issue of faith. There are faithful men, women and children who endure sufferings for their faith. What must I endure for my faith? My suffereings are not having enough money to go to a movie I would like to see.

My fear is, I have allowed my culture to cut into my committment to Christ. My fear is, that instead of heeding the full call of God I am following a call that has been disformed by the culture in which I live in. I spend $30 for books and bibles, while other faithful christians pay with their life to spread the Good News. The Good News..how ironic. I wonder if I could call it Good News if I knew it would cost me everything. I know some do and some are. They have a faith that makes mine pale in comparision. They are the ones who have heard God’s call and experience God’s grace each and every day.

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