Just Not Ready

One of my favorite things (next to week old Valentine’s day candy and week old Christmas candy) is week old Easter candy. Actually it has been closer to two weka now. Shopping at Walmart I discovered they had candy for 75% off! That is a deal I can’t pass up.

However I just couldn’t bring myself to purchase any of the chocolate Easter crosses. I’m just not ready to chow down on a chocolate cross. Seeing all the chocolate crosses still left in display, I guess I’m not the only one.

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God Knows Your Name…Really!

I guess this comes from the “New for the Christian Culture” department. I guess with all the specialized bibles like the Women’s Devotional Bible, The Men’s Devotional Bible, The Spirit Filled Life Bible, The Teacher’s Bible, The Teen Bible, and others, it was just a matter of time until the most specialized version of the bible would be published. The Personal Promise Bible puts your name in over 3000 different places in their Bible. So, instead of reading that “whosoever believes” you read, “David believes”, or “John Believes” …you get the picture.

Of course this is something we use to do with youth. We would read John 3:16 and put someone’s name there. Yet, this seems like it goes a bit far. To be honest, I almost laughed at first. I figured while someone was buying the Bible they could head on over to Yahoo.com and a Jessica Simpson song personalized for a couple of bucks. After all, it is all about us isn’t it.

Has it really come to this? Is this a bible that is needed for us to understand God’s love? Do we really need the personalized Bible? A Bible “as unique as you are.”

Well…time to put on my monogrammed polo shirt and get my personalized Bible.


Bigfoot Hoax: “Body” Is Rubber Suit


As far as Bigfoot hoaxes go, it was short-lived one. – from Bigfoot Hoax: “Body” Is Rubber Suit


I really wasn’t following this story too much. After all…Bigfoot??? I went to the news article and started following the links and discovered a world I never knew existed. Oh, I knew there have been Bigfoot sightings and all. My daughter did a report in the 5th grade on Bigfoot and I helped her find some of the material. I had no idea there was a culture surrounding Bigfoot.

For those who don’t know the story, there were a couple of guys who said they found a dead Bigfoot. Who are you going to call? SearchingForBigfoot.com. They ‘paid’ for the frozen body, had a press conference and then started thawing out the body. Steve Kull, a Sasquatch Detective (yes, that’s right. His website is at: http://www.squatchdetective.com ) took some hair to analyze, but when it was heated it up it “melted into a ball uncharacteristic of hair.” That made them suspicious, but when they got to the rubber foot…well…you get the picture.

From the main article I went to the SearchingForBigfoot.com website. It was the CEO of this organization (yes, I’m just as surprised as you that 1) there is such a group and 2) there is a CEO) that paid for the body (or rubber ape suit). I also discovered a detective of sorts that tries to verify or debunk any Bigfoot related findings. There’s a radio show, movie, an online live video show (www.webjam.com/squatchdtv ) and probably books too. Wow. I never knew there was so much energy surrounding this mythical creature.

Of course there is also TJ. He is the Director of Field Operations for SearchingForBigfoot.com. If you ever see a Bigfoot you can call or email him and he will check it out. I would love to hear what kinds of calls he gets!

I’m not sure what this story says about our culture, but I think it says something….