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  • Silence

    It is no secret that North American culture is a noisy culture. It is difficult for many people to turn off their TV or radio. It isn’t that people are watching or listening to it, but rather, the noise makes us feel comfortable, or like we aren’t alone. Add to that the explosion of music…

  • A sign

    On my way through Kentucky I saw this on a church sign near Lexington: “Christians make good citizens” What does this sign say about the church? About our nation? About God’s call? What cultural issues does this statement impact?

  • Really now???

    Does life really take Visa?? I’m still trying to figure out what the new Visa commercial says about the times and culture we live in….

  • They Like Jesus

      And here we are getting at the root of the matter. A Jesus who does not look like us, doesn’t talk like us, doesn’t dress like us, and lives according to a different culture is alien to us. He is very hard to identify with. Instead of changing ourselves into an image more like…

  • Missional Church

    Missional Church – LifeWiki Ah….Now this is more like it. A pretty good start on the definition of a missional church. Now…how does one transform from a from a traditional 100+ denominational church into a missional church?