God Knows Your Name…Really!

I guess this comes from the “New for the Christian Culture” department. I guess with all the specialized bibles like the Women’s Devotional Bible, The Men’s Devotional Bible, The Spirit Filled Life Bible, The Teacher’s Bible, The Teen Bible, and others, it was just a matter of time until the most specialized version of the bible would be published. The Personal Promise Bible puts your name in over 3000 different places in their Bible. So, instead of reading that “whosoever believes” you read, “David believes”, or “John Believes” …you get the picture.

Of course this is something we use to do with youth. We would read John 3:16 and put someone’s name there. Yet, this seems like it goes a bit far. To be honest, I almost laughed at first. I figured while someone was buying the Bible they could head on over to Yahoo.com and a Jessica Simpson song personalized for a couple of bucks. After all, it is all about us isn’t it.

Has it really come to this? Is this a bible that is needed for us to understand God’s love? Do we really need the personalized Bible? A Bible “as unique as you are.”

Well…time to put on my monogrammed polo shirt and get my personalized Bible.


Palm Sunday Reflection

Good reflection from N. T. Wright on Mark 11:1-11 (Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem)


Over the next few chapters, in fact, Mark will show us what Jesus meant when, in chapter 10, he radically redefined kingship. This is not to be the sort of royalty that either Israel or the rest of the world were used to. But the passage already raises questions for us in our own following of Jesus and loyalty to him. Are we ready to put our property at his disposal, to obey his orders even when the puzzle us? Are we ready to go out of our way to honour him finding in our own lives the equivalents of cloaks to spread on the road before him, and branches to wave to make his coming into a real festival? Or have we so domesticated and trivialized our Christian commitment, our devotion to Jesus himself, that we look on him simply as someone to help us through the various things we want to do anyway, someone to provide us with comforting religious experiences? In our world where most countries don’t have kings and queens, and where those monarchies that remain are mostly constitutional offices with the real power lying elsewhere, have we forgotten what, in biblical terms, a true king might be like?

Reading Scripture

A (re)blog post got me thinking…I’m realizing that my understanding of scripture is determined by the context of my life. How then, can I have a ‘fresh’ or ‘new’ reading of Scripture which is more in line with the original understanding of the text. In other words, how can I break free of my "rich, dominant, white, male American" context and be transformed by a truer reading of the text. [the (re)blog]

There are a couple of projects I am interested/wor…

There are a couple of projects I am interested/working in right now.

I was looking to see what bible programs were available. I found a pretty good (free) one called e-sword. Of course, there is the Online Bible project also. However, I also stumbled upon the sword project. This is a free open-source project.

Finding this project led me to the JSword project. This is a child project of Sword, but based in Java (which I know). The Bible texts are formated in OSIS. OSIS is an open-source XML initiative. The cool thing about XML, is you can use a Style Sheet (XSLT) to transform the XML into whatever format you want (HTML, PDF, other XML, etc). Of course, if you start with XML as the common format, you can really get rid of many compatablity issues that once existed.

Right now, I’m just discovering some of these things….in some ways I feel like I’ve missed the boat…. I plan on keeping some notes here.

– Dave.