Contemplative Reading

I’m not sure who this woman is, but she has done a wonderful job describing the process of spiritual or contemplative reading. Her blog post is here. Here is an excerpt:

Many have referred to Lectio Divina as an ancient art. It begins with listening deeply with “the ear of our hearts” as St. Benedict described the process. This means being still, sitting in silence, as the words on the page are slowly read and embodied through the heart and senses. This practice requires quieting down to be fully present to the lectio….reading…of the chosen sacred text.

Once a passage appears that speaks to me in a personal way I begin to meditate upon the meaning that is the beginning of the meditatio…..meditation stage of lectio divina. This is an important step of the process where I open my consciousness to allow the Word I am reading to become personally meaningful in a way that touches and inspires me at the deepest level.

Oratio….prayer…is the third stage. This is the place where I allow what I have been meditating, to begin to create change and awareness within my heart and mind. I have been reading, listening, and meditating and now I open myself in loving conversation with God to fully embody what I have received.

Finally, I simply rest in contemplatio….contemplation of the presence of God who has inspired my heart. I am in silence. I let go into this time of embracing the fullness of the experience.

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