Book Review – How to Tie a Tie

For the past thirty years I’ve tied my tie the exact same way. That all changed because of “How to Tie a Tie” by Potter Style. The title basically indicates the subject matter. The book covers fifteen different ways to tie a tie, along with how to tie a bowtie.

The book isn’t just about ties though. The book also includes “bonus” tips about style as well as well as sections on trousers, shirt collar, cuff links, shoes, fashion accessories, and other dressing guides.

There are plenty of graphics throughout the book. The pictures used to illustrate the instructions for tying the different knots were clear and easily followed. The only trouble I had was getting the book to lay flat as I tried to work through the instructions for tying the different knots. The binding seems strong, and I believe it will hold up over time.

Not only is the book a wonderful tool for those who want to try different tie knots, it also guides to all aspects of dressing well.

I received this book free from bloggingforbooks in exchange for an honest review.

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