Authors and Publishers on Postmodernism Here’s …

Authors and Publishers on Postmodernism

Here’s an article from the folks that market books to Christians about postmodernism.

It probably should amaze me about how much Mel Gibson’s Passion movie is changing things. So far, on ABC, it looks like they will have specials on Paul and also on Judas. I just saw that Primetime was going to have the “last hours of Jesus” special on Friday. I’m starting to wonder if at some time it might actually be ‘cool’ to hang out with Jesus.

On the O’Reilly Factor, O’Reilly said he had just seen the movie. One of the things I noticed was that his feeling was Mel Gibson wanted people to basically follow Jesus’ example of love in the midst of hate and brutality. While that is important, it seems that the main issue of the passion, talking care of human sin, wasn’t addressed. I guess it causes me to wonder if the message of the cross and our sins will be lost on alot of the general public.

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