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A Short Update From Home

I’ve been home since Monday evening, but haven’t felt like updating or really communicating. I believe I texted someone(s) but don’t remember much about the communication.

Nevertheless, I want everyone to know that I am recovering at home and doing well. I came home with a drain, so I have to be careful with that. I’m also trying to get past pain meds which may help me feel like doing a fuller update.

Thank you for your prayers and concern. This is a journey and I know I am not alone.

Also, Dr. Ceppa and his team have been fantastic! I’m learning how important good health care is.

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6 responses to “A Short Update From Home”

  1. Susan Martin Avatar
    Susan Martin

    A fellow drain buddy! I have one too. I pray your recovery goes fast. I’m about two weeks out from my surgery. I hope they are keeping your pain under control. I feel for you. And continue to pray. It’s about the only thing I am able to do these days.

    1. David Avatar

      Pain is under control. Energy quite low. Continue to pray for you. You’ve been through so much.

  2. Gail Bowers Avatar
    Gail Bowers

    David – your Aunt Ruth said to tell you that you are in her prayers and she loves you! Hugs and prayers from Ted and I too. ????

    1. David Avatar

      Thanks Gail. I’m glad Aunt Ruth is doing well. I love her too. Keep thinking that I’ll get down there to see her at some point.

  3. Mary L Brown Avatar
    Mary L Brown

    Love you. Yes Drs are good and I too have to listen to them. Prayers

    1. David Avatar

      Thanks Mary. Love you too.

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