Morning Reflection 2/12/12 When the Lord registers the nations, he will say,
“They have all become citizens of Jerusalem.”

The Psalmist sounds a note of hope. No matter who, where, or what, at some point all will be able to say they are “citizens of Jerusalem.” This is a statement of hope and of faith. It is a statement that “pulls” us forward into the future and gives us peace.

What is amazing is that while some see God’s people as being exclusive, the Psalmist seems to be saying that God will embrace all nations. Language of who’s “in” and who’s “out” simply doesn’t work when all are citizens of Jerusalem.

May you experience the long arms of God’s love embracing you as he brings you into his fold! May his grace “pull” you forward into the Life he has for you.

Morning Reflection 2/11/12 Bend down, O Lord , and hear my prayer;
answer me, for I need your help.


Eugene Peterson says that all prayer starts out from a place of trouble. It’s easy to see this in the Psalms. Many of the Psalms are for cries of help. We cry out because we have no where else to turn.

Peterson also says that all prayer, pursued far enough, ends up in praise. So, the beginning of prayer is trouble and the end of prayer is praise. I think that is good to know. It’s okay to cry out to God in faith, knowing that our prayer of trouble will end up in praise.

Morning Reflection 2/10/12


I listen carefully to what God the Lord is saying,
for he speaks peace to his faithful people.
But let them not return to their foolish ways.
Surely his salvation is near to those who fear him,
so our land will be filled with his glory.

Unfailing love and truth have met together.
Righteousness and peace have kissed!


While it might be easy to hear, it certainly isn’t easy to listen. There have been times I’ve heard what someone was saying, but I wasn’t really listening. Maybe I was thinking about something else, or perhaps even preparing my rebuttal. Either way, I wasn’t listening to what was being said.

The Psalmist says that he listens carefully to what God is saying because God speaks peace to his faithful people. Wouldn’t it be great to go throughout the day with peace; not just the absence of strife, or stress, but peace that passes understanding. This is the type of peace we discover when our lives are centered in God through Jesus. In Jesus, love and truth have come together. In him, righteousness and peace have kissed!

Perhaps today is a good day to make a choice to not only hear, but to also listen deeply to God, because he is speaking. Through prayer and scripture we place ourselves in position where we can listen as he speaks peace into our lives. May you discover the peace of God as you listen carefully today.

Morning Reflection 2/9/12

image A single day in your courts
is better than a thousand anywhere else!
I would rather be a gatekeeper in the house of my God
than live the good life in the homes of the wicked.


The Psalms never cease to amaze me. Mostly because I believe that the Psalmists were being honest. When this Psalmist says he would rather be a gatekeeper in the house of God than to live the good life in the homes of the wicked, I believe that is how he felt.

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