Authors and Publishers on Postmodernism Here’s …

Authors and Publishers on Postmodernism

Here’s an article from the folks that market books to Christians about postmodernism.

It probably should amaze me about how much Mel Gibson’s Passion movie is changing things. So far, on ABC, it looks like they will have specials on Paul and also on Judas. I just saw that Primetime was going to have the “last hours of Jesus” special on Friday. I’m starting to wonder if at some time it might actually be ‘cool’ to hang out with Jesus.

On the O’Reilly Factor, O’Reilly said he had just seen the movie. One of the things I noticed was that his feeling was Mel Gibson wanted people to basically follow Jesus’ example of love in the midst of hate and brutality. While that is important, it seems that the main issue of the passion, talking care of human sin, wasn’t addressed. I guess it causes me to wonder if the message of the cross and our sins will be lost on alot of the general public.

Right now, I’m reading a book on blogging, so, it …

Right now, I’m reading a book on blogging, so, it inspired me to make an entry 😉 Nothing special…..

As I continue to try to get my life inline with what Jesus would want, I’m finding that many things that I hang onto, I should probably rid myself of. One of the things I’m trying to let go of is my many books. It is amazing really. I know I probably won’t read these books again, but I like having them around just the same. My hope is by summer to at least get rid of half of my books. Some of the books I have, I haven’t read yet, so I plan on reading them first. If they are good (meaning I can use them to help my sermon prep, I will keep them, otherwise, it would be best to get rid of them.

One of the things I’m finding is that it would be good if I spent more time on sermon prep. I find preaching fairly easy which is both a blessing and a curse. I don’t have to do that much prep, but God still deserves my best and if preaching is an area God has gifted me in, it would be best if I worked at that area.

I just bought a new Tungsten E palm. At some point, I might put on information about programs that I’m finding very helpful in sermon prep and scripture study.

Guess I’m just in an odd mood this morning. Every…

Guess I’m just in an odd mood this morning. Every now and then I have a sense of discontent. Not sure why. I’m discovering how important relationships are in life. I have too often been swept away with my own wants, needs, concerns and have allowed them to get in the way of relationships. It is when I focus on those around me that I find the goodness in life.

As a pastor, one of the things I get to do is perf…

As a pastor, one of the things I get to do is perform a funeral. At first, funerals really bothered me. However, now, I feel more comfortable. I am glad that I can serve in the capacity to help someone or a family through a time of grief. After all, death isn’t the end, but rather a transition.

Anyway, there are times when I am asked to do a funeral of someone I don’t know, or don’t know very well. Those are hard. After all, I want to leave the family with words of comfort and words of grace. I want to be able to lead a celebration of life. However, there are times, when the person really didn’t live a life of grace and peace. That saddens me. It saddens me that I can’t honestly share that the person was loved by all that knew him. It saddens me that someone didn’t live their life in a way that touched the lives of others.

One of the things that is sometimes said about sports figures is that they were able to make those playing with them better. I guess, that is the type of life I want to live. A life that allows those who know me and interact with me to be better people. I realize that I’m not there. However, some things are coming into better focus the older I get.

I no longer am driven to ‘succeed’ any longer. In fact, I’m not even sure what that is. The American Dream isn’t really a dream after all…for what good does it do to gain the whole world when you forfeit your soul?

At the end of my life, I want others to be able to celebrate a life well lived. I want others to say, “He made us better people.” Of course, the only way that I can do that is to continue to point people to the One who can really change lives.


Different Lives

Here I find myself. Sitting in a nice office within a nice church that is located in a nice city. My life is pretty good when I take time to look at it correctly. Four children and a wonderful wife are waiting for me at home. My wife is probably preparing supper while my children are doing homework.

Yet, somewhere in this world there is another pastor. Doing what God is calling him to do. Only he is sitting in prision. He won’t have a nice supper tonight. He won’t be going home to his family. His life is much, much different than mine.

How in the world can I be at a place where the “problem” of pain is an issue of faith. There are faithful men, women and children who endure sufferings for their faith. What must I endure for my faith? My suffereings are not having enough money to go to a movie I would like to see.

My fear is, I have allowed my culture to cut into my committment to Christ. My fear is, that instead of heeding the full call of God I am following a call that has been disformed by the culture in which I live in. I spend $30 for books and bibles, while other faithful christians pay with their life to spread the Good News. The Good ironic. I wonder if I could call it Good News if I knew it would cost me everything. I know some do and some are. They have a faith that makes mine pale in comparision. They are the ones who have heard God’s call and experience God’s grace each and every day.