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  • Driving Out Vice

    From St. Francis of Assisi How Virtue Drives Out Vice 1. Where there is charity (love) and wisdom,        there is neither fear nor ignorance. 2. Where there is patience and humility,        there is neither anger nor disturbance. 3. Where there is poverty with joy,        there is neither covetousness nor avarice (greed). 4.…

  • God Alone is Enough

    Let nothing disturb youLet nothing frighten youEverything passesGod never changesPatience obtains allWhoever has God wants for nothingGod alone is enough. ~~ St. Teresa of Avila   St. Teresa was an amazing woman and Christian. Her passion for Jesus is inspiring. Someday I hope that I can truly say that God alone is enough.

  • Complete Works St. Teresa of Avila First Chapter (test)

    Amazon is testing out the ability to embed first chapters in webpages. I think I would rather be able to simply add a section of a book, first chapter or not, but this is a pretty good start.