Americans keep buying up second homes

In ministry you find yourself doing various activities such as driving, reading, talking with people, visiting in hospitals, going to meetings and hopefully finding time to think and pray.

Of course, one of the things to think and pray about is poverty. It is a real issue. It is a sad issue.

The county I live in is one of the lowest for per cap income for our state. It is a problem. I know others for who the issue of poverty is a subject of prayer, thought and action.

So, I was really glad to read this article from MSNBC.

Americans keep buying up second homes – Real Estate –

Strange Day

It has been a strange day…in a good way. This morning I was invited to “pray” or “do a blessing” for the local United Way campaign kick off. I was honored to be asked. I have a few people in my church connected to the organization and I’ve worked with others on the board before, so I knew quite a few people. I felt it was important to include those that have been effected by the hurricane Katrina.

Later that afternoon I was in my office and received a call from the High School Athletic director who asked if I would be willing to pray before the football game tomorrow night because of the Hurricane. I don’t know if the two events are connected or not. Again, I am glad that for whatever reason God is using me even if that means a short prayer. Even though the prayer will only be about 30 seconds or so (by request), my prayer is that in 30 seconds God can touch hearts here and lives in the South.

Prayer Groups

We had our first non-pilot prayer groups last night. Right now we have two different groups. A third one will be starting in about 2 weeks. I was pretty amazed last night. I was surprised and even overwhelmed. What was perhaps the coolest thing is I really haven’t been doing that much in relation to these groups. I believe that God has called us to this.

The term I’ve been using is organtic (which might be overused, but it fits). Just like a farmer cultivates his fields and waits, that’s basically how these prayer groups operate. Just getting together to pray is a good thing. These groups are not about numbers (but we did have good groups), but about prayer. I don’t feel presure to make sure they ‘work’ or anything.

I am convinced that when we gather to pray we are more open to God than when we don’t. It is this ‘openness’ I yearn for here. When we are open to God then we are more able to ‘hear’ and follow Him. I’m not sure where we are going from here, but, deep down, I believe that when we are actively praying we are in a better position to follow God’s vision for our church and lives.

They’re Alive!!!

Well, our pilot prayer group met last night and two of the participants are going to start a prayer group on Monday’s at 5:30 starting next week! They caught me off guard with starting one next week, but it’s a good thing.

Mine will continue meeting, but we are moving from 9 pm on Tuesdays to 8 pm on Mondays. I’ll see how that works.

Another group is going to start Sunday mornings in about two weeks.

I’ll be interested in seeing how these groups mature over the next few months. Right now, people kind of know that a pilot group was meeting, but the end of this week they should be getting more information with a FAQ section and the chance to sign up for one of our three new groups. I’ll have to update my blog on their status from time to time.