‘Jesus’ beckons ND flock ‘Jesus’ beckons ND flock

This article appeared in the South Bend paper before the ND – USC game. It was pretty cool what Jim Caviezel did and said, but what I found interesting was the following:


The candle-filled cove is a place set aside for prayer and reflection. Every evening at 6:45, the rosary is said. The quiet ceremony draws 25 or 30 people.


Last night, it drew several hundred.


It just points out how we still don’t really get the spiritual life in our current culture. I guess people would rather get together to hear what an actor has to say rather than spend time with unknown others taking a journey inward.

A Fear

Jesus seemed to work "outside" of the religious establishment when He was on earth. What if He still is? My fear is that while I’m on the inside, I end up on the outside.