Doing Our Best Work

Note: While I focus on pastoral work in this article, I believe anyone who struggles with scheduling creative work may benefit. I debated publishing this, fearing that some may not understand the various pressures and struggles of pastors and others who must address problems without clear solutions or perform other tasks which draw on creative resources. After sharing the article with a friend who encouraged me to post it, I offer it in hopes that some find encouragement, hope, or understanding.

The Creative Pastor

Are pastors creatives? While I’ve lamented the stress of forced creativity of writing and presenting weekly sermons, I don’t know if I’ve viewed pastors as creatives. I know artists, musicians, screenwriters, and such do creative work, but pastors aren’t writing screenplays, poems, songs, or painting beautiful pictures. I’m not sure I’ve considered that pastors may be just as creative but in a different way. Continue reading “Doing Our Best Work”

Wireless Networking Will Change Your Life — Part II

Brighthand — Wireless Networking Will Change Your Life — Part II

I love Wi-Fi. I love to be able to sit down at home, or better yet, at an internet cafe somewhere and be able to access the web, get email or download my favorite podcast using QuickNews for Palm. All in all, it is a pretty sweet setup that I’ve used many times.

Yet, this article scares me to death! I read through it and my throat starts tightening up. I love gadgets, but it took me a while to get a cell phone because there were times when I didn’t want to be reached! Now, I have a cell phone…

The worst part about this article is this quote:

After lunch, Bob heads off to his son’s Little League game. When his son isn’t on the field, Bob makes a couple of business calls and uses the voice-recognition capabilities of his handheld to work on a report he’s writing. He doesn’t feel uncomfortable doing this, as about half the people in the bleachers are doing the same thing.

Yea….I want to be so weighted down with work that I have to make some calls and write a report while my son isn’t on the baseball field. Too bad my son plays soccer…he’s constantly on the field.


That sad thing is, when I first read the article I thought, “Gee…that would be so cool to do.” I now repent.

While I look forward to the future and the ability to do such things, perhaps we need to keep things in perspective.