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Right now, I’m reading a book on blogging, so, it …

Right now, I’m reading a book on blogging, so, it inspired me to make an entry ;) Nothing special…..

As I continue to try to get my life inline with what Jesus would want, I’m finding that many things that I hang onto, I should probably rid myself of. One of the things I’m trying to let go of is my many books. It is amazing really. I know I probably won’t read these books again, but I like having them around just the same. My hope is by summer to at least get rid of half of my books. Some of the books I have, I haven’t read yet, so I plan on reading them first. If they are good (meaning I can use them to help my sermon prep, I will keep them, otherwise, it would be best to get rid of them.

One of the things I’m finding is that it would be good if I spent more time on sermon prep. I find preaching fairly easy which is both a blessing and a curse. I don’t have to do that much prep, but God still deserves my best and if preaching is an area God has gifted me in, it would be best if I worked at that area.

I just bought a new Tungsten E palm. At some point, I might put on information about programs that I’m finding very helpful in sermon prep and scripture study.

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