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Interstate Batteries and God’s Love

UPDATE: Therefore, I’m turning off the comments since the post is over 11 years old.

I found myself watching football yesterday and a commercial came on basically proclaiming that we need more of God’s love. At first, I thought that it might be one of ‘our’ UMC commercials (which would have been way cool). I also thought that it could be one of the Mormon commercials. When I saw the end of the commercial I was shocked because it was by Interstate Batteries. What do Interstate Batteries have to do with God and his love? Well, I guess the chairman is a strong Christian (He is on the board of Dallas Theological Seminary) and has decided to use his position to spread the message about God’s love. I’ve included the video below that has both a message from the chairman of Interstate Batteries and the commercial itself.


Perhaps Norm Miller can be an inspiration to us all. He is using his ‘place in life’ to spread God’s love the best way he knows how. What would happen if we all followed his example? We might not be a CEO, or able to put commercials on TV, but there is always something we can do to spread and/or share God’s love with those around us. The commercial is right….we certainly need God’s love!

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29 responses to “Interstate Batteries and God’s Love”

  1.  Avatar

    I agree totally, what a way to spread God’s word and to see that at the end of the commercial, awesome.

    1. Doug Smoth Avatar

      Why do I get the feeling the company is completely pro-Trump? IF that’s the case, then the message is complete bullshit and should be “love one another as long as you are a white male and convince people you are an genuine Christian (doesn’t matter if you really are).

      1. David Avatar

        I don’t know who they support, but my original post is from 2008…long before Trump got into politics.

  2.  Avatar

    My husband and I were watching TV the other night when my husband left the room during the commercial break–God’s Love came on, and was just about over when he came back. He said right away–“Hey what was that about?” I said “Rewind, it is really neat” So he did and we were both admiring the courage and commitment of INterstate Batteries. All we can say is Wow–and Yes, we do ALL need God’s love. Thank you for reminding us in such a simple, yet special way! I wish there was more companies willing to produce commercials like this.
    May God Bless You and Yours, & Merry CHRISTmas!

  3.  Avatar

    I work for at&t and our ceo could take a lesson from this man.

  4.  Avatar

    Right after I saw the commercial I went down to Knecht’s Auto Parts, bought a new battery, & got rid of my Interstate. I now roll with a Die Hard battery, because I think everyone needs a little Bruce Willis love in their hearts. Yippy Ki Aye- now those are words I think we can all live by.

  5. Angel Avatar

    I wonder how all you XTIANS would feel if the message was from the Church of Satan. I wonder would you all have your panties in a bunch over it? Of course you would, because is your god or hell. I wish more didots like this would be so open about what they believe, that way I would know what not to purchase.

    1. Cheryl Avatar

      Think about what u r saying! Everyone has a right 2 say something!!!

  6. William R Lytle Avatar
    William R Lytle

    Wheather you realize it or not, you have just opened the door for your salvation. The only prayer God will hear from a sinner is the prayer of repentance, and plea for forgiveness in the name of Jesus. It is the duty of all born again beliveres to pray for the lost. Right now, every Christian who has read your comment is praying for you.

  7. Joyfuljan Avatar

    Great commercial. Need more of Gods love!

  8. Roxanne Sharp Avatar
    Roxanne Sharp

    I dont know if you will read this but………………………..Your awesome and this is the begining to the answer in our world.I wish I could say I know you because that to me would be an honor. Bless you.

  9. Jerimia Fongheizer Avatar
    Jerimia Fongheizer

    I it is a fool that says in his heart(mind) that their is no Creator (GO D). Thank you Interstate Battery for caring about our eternal life. Have a GREAT ETERNITYtm. Some day.

  10. sterngardfriegen Avatar

    As an atheist I will pass on Interstate Batteries.

  11. Lala Avatar

    So sad for you. No matter your denomination the message of this commercial is pretty basic and clear. Be kind. If your only take away from this commercial is taking the time looking this company up to leave a negative comment you clearly missed the point which really sucks for your friends coworkers family neighbors etc. Maybe you should really watch it again and either insert your religion or non religion trust me people that have to deal with you on the daily will appreciate it. I saw the commercial and first thought it was for some new church or some super church looking for money and felt myself start to pass judgement But I kept watching and was surprised it was a car battery commercial. Didn’t expect it. Thought about it. Remembered it. Then saw it again It’s a lovely commercial. Thank you Interstate to have the courage to put that out there. We need more like this If an atheist or a catholic or a satanist or a peanut butter company put this ad out. I’d give them the credit too.

  12. Patricia Carter Avatar
    Patricia Carter

    Love this!!! Bless you for sharing what God’s love can do, change ones heart for the better! I will support your business for such courage in a dark world! God Bless you and your company abundantly!

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