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  • Enneagram Resources and Thoughts

    Enneagram Resources and Thoughts

    A Warning I have written a few posts on the Enneagram and how I’ve found the tool helpful. Since there are others who are interested, I thought I’d share some resources and thoughts on how the Enneagram can help in the discipleship journey. First, a disclaimer. The Enneagram can rock your world. Not because it…

  • Pondering Psalms 14

    Hey everyone. My friend Curt and I just released a new episode of Pondering Psalms. I the episode, we talk about Psalm 14.

  • A Final Act

    A Final Act

    Back to Normal On April 4th, 2022, I began a sabbatical. Next week, I will go back to normal life. When I began my sabbatical in April, I had no idea what would happen, now, I look back with grateful appreciation. My final sabbatical activity was camping (mostly on my own) and then a weekend…

  • Transformed Journey (A Funny Thing Part III)

    Transformed Journey (A Funny Thing Part III)

    Hiking Life Over the past several months, I’ve hiked more than I have in my entire life. Some hikes were easy…some were difficult…and a couple of times, I found myself wondering, “Is it really the best idea to continue on here? The path ahead looks a bit difficult.” I find myself asking that last question…

  • An Offer No One Should Refuse (A Funny Thing II)

    An Offer No One Should Refuse (A Funny Thing II)

    No Time to Dive Deep When your schedule is full, having more on your plate than you could possibly do, it’s easy to push the call of God aside. Busyness serves as a distraction to deeper challenges. If we keep everything on the surface, we don’t have to dive into the deeper depths of who…