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  • Not in Kansas

    Not in Kansas

    I’m beginning a retreat today, but I made the trip a day early for a meeting and to spend some time reading. I love the statement by Steinbeck that you don’t take a journey, a journey takes you. I’ve verified that statement many times. This journey is no exception.

  • Michael Hyatt’s Leaderbox – First Impressions

    Michael Hyatt’s Leaderbox – First Impressions

    If you want to see what a Leaderbox looks like, here’s my unboxing and first impressions: I told myself I wasn’t going to do it. I told myself it was too much money. But then, I received a 10% off coupon for Michael Hyatt’s Leaderbox and I thought I’d revisit my initial decision. After thinking…

  • Why I Started Reading Fewer Books

    Why I Started Reading Fewer Books

    I love reading books. Actually, that’s not quite accurate. I love the thought of reading. Reading, on the other hand, I find taxing. I know many people who love reading. I’m not one of them. What I do love is learning. Since reading provides me the best and, perhaps, the most effective way to learn,…

  • In With The Old

    Rob Bell is coming out with a new book at the end of this month. There’s been quite the buzz over the past week. There are some who are concerned that Bell is now a universalist while others are concerned that labels are being applied without first reading the book. I have a different problem….…

  • Jesus Died for This? Review (Kind of)

    A couple of months ago I saw Becky Garrison offer her new book (Jesus Died for This?: A Satirist's Search for the Risen Christ )to anyone who was willing to blog about it. I try to get a free book anytime I can. That's how I roll. Anyway, I didn't know much about Becky Garrison…