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  • The “C” Word

    The “C” Word

    When the doctor called me, he said I had a Neuroendocrine Tumor (NET). The preliminary report pointed in that direction and the biopsy confirmed it. After the preliminary report, I looked up NETs because I wanted to know more. I learned that they were not all cancerous. However, it is believed the non-cancerous NETs can…

  • Difficult Journey

    Difficult Journey

    For the past two years, perhaps longer, I’ve had issues with my health. Over the past three months, my health has continued to deteriorate. I was in ER two times because of a low potassium level. I continue struggling with hypokalemia. It’s been difficult working with health professionals, but I was blessed to find a…

  • Lenten Opportunities

    Lenten Opportunities

    Spin Cycle My mom would quip how she didn’t know if she was coming or going from time to time. Her acknowledgment usually came during busy times when I wanted to start a new activity or had something I needed her to do. My mom and dad were 43 when I came into the picture.…

  • Doing Our Best Work

    Doing Our Best Work

    Note: While I focus on pastoral work in this article, I believe anyone who struggles with scheduling creative work may benefit. I debated publishing this, fearing that some may not understand the various pressures and struggles of pastors and others who must address problems without clear solutions or perform other tasks which draw on creative…

  • The Path To Peace

    The Path To Peace

    Addicted I have an unhealthy infatuation with time. There. I’ve admitted it. My time infatuation wasn’t easy to admit. At first, I wrote, “I’m beginning to realize that I have an unhealthy infatuation with time,” but that isn’t really admitting to the problem.