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  • I have Sinned – Reflection on Psalm 51

    I have Sinned – Reflection on Psalm 51

    Psalm 51:1-19 Oldie but Goodie This Psalm, more than any other, takes me back to my youth. I can almost remember the first time I sang the line, “Create in Me A Clean Heart…Oh God…” I was changed. That song expressed the desire of my heart. Over 30 years later, it still does. Traditionally, the…

  • Psalm 36: Sin’s Whisper & God’s Goodness

    Psalm 36: Sin’s Whisper & God’s Goodness

    Whisper of Sin “Sin whispers to the wicked deep within their hearts…” – Psalm 36:1 (NLT) Sin doesn’t just “happen.” Sin begins, not with an action, event, or shout, but a whisper. There use to be a commercial that started with, “When you want to get someone’s attention, you whisper.” If you have ever tried…

  • The Christian Movie Establishment vs. Blue Like Jazz

    The movie Blue Like Jazz is set to hit movie screens April 13th. I’ve been waiting for this movie to come since I heard Don Miller discuss the possibility quite a few years ago. The project was on, then off, then saved by an amazing KickStart campaign and now, in less than a month, the movie…

  • Foggy

    It’s been a foggy morning here. If there has to be a two hour delay for school I guess I’d rather have it for fog than snow. The fog is a bit easier to shovel. All the fog does is make it harder to see well. Fog only limits visibility. 

  • Loving Little….Loving Much

    Right now I’m preaching a sermon series on Ephesians. Paul says that at one point we were all dead spiritually speaking (Eph 2:1). He even says we "were by nature children of wrath like everybody else." (Eph. 2:3) There’s no getting around it in Paul. We are all in the same boat. If we have…