Letting Go

There are times when you simply have to let go. Although letting go is seldom a simple thing. For the past several weeks I’ve been evaluating my spiritual life especially in the area of prayer. I’m finding, that in order to discover a greater sense of God’s grace I simply have to let go of other things. For me, the most precious item in my life is time. Yet, this is the one thing that gets chipped away little by litte. Before I know it, my time has been spent and I can’t get it back. In order for me to deepen my relationship with God, I’m finding that I must spend time with God. Even though I’ve been a Christian for over 20 years and have been a pastor for over around 15 years I always tried to ’speed’ up my relationship with God by trying to spend ‘quality’ rather than ‘quanity’ time with God. Now, I’m discovering that the only quality time is quantitative time. For our culture it is difficult to let go of things. It is difficult to free up ourselves. We want to squeeze everything we can out of life. When we do we are making a statment and a choice. I’m finding that in order to grab onto God, I must let go. Letting go is a difficult thing.

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