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Web 2.0 Show – Episode 8 – Tara Hunt

Web 2.0 Show – Episode 8 – Tara Hunt

That is what was said in an interview on the Web 2.0 show. I know a show about the web, isn’t about the church, yet, it seems, like businesses see trends in society before the church notices them.

The comment causes me to think of postmodernism and their focus on small or communities. Big isn’t seen as being better any longer. During the interview Tara Hunt, they talked about how smaller organizations were better able to make changes (being agile) and how they were better able to work with the community.

Now, the questions I have is: how does all of this relate to the church? Does it? Could the church be better served if those of us in smaller church (not megachurches) see our size as an assest rather than working to become what we are not?

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