The Christian Movie Establishment vs. Blue Like Jazz

The movie Blue Like Jazz is set to hit movie screens April 13th. I’ve been waiting for this movie to come since I heard Don Miller discuss the possibility quite a few years ago. The project was on, then off, then saved by an amazing KickStart campaign and now, in less than a month, the movie will be here.

However, this is not your normal Christian movie and that is exactly why I want to go see it. This is also why many, especially Christians, will say Christians should not go to see it. You will have to use your own judgment because, again, this will probably not be like other Christian movies you have been to. Continue reading “The Christian Movie Establishment vs. Blue Like Jazz”

Movie Based on Wesley to hit Theaters in 2008


I’m not sure when this movie is coming out, but I know I will go to see it. It is being released by an Independent film company, so I don’t know how good the production will be. They say the movie is going to closely follow Wesley’s life. If that is the case, I’m sure the story will be interesting at least. I mean, after all, his life was pretty amazing (at least in my opinion). The Foundery Pictures website gives a bit more insight, so you can go there for more information, although they don’t list the date it will be released.

Kendra wins! > The Apprentice 3 Ah…Kendra pulled it off. I’ve felt that she had a very good shot for about a month now. However, after I saw the way she pulled her team together for the final task I told my wife that she had it. After all, it comes down to how you treat people…even with the Donald. The thing that caught me about the final task was it seemed like Kendra was being genuine about how she felt. Tana may have seemed behind her team when they were around, but when they weren’t she let the insults fly. Causes me to wonder how I as a pastor feel and treat the people I am called to lead and serve.

I’ve been amazed. For the past few days I have se…

I’ve been amazed. For the past few days I have seen more Christian content on TV than I think I have in my life. Of course, I’ve been watching some MSNBC and FOX news shows. Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of the Christ” has created some pretty interesting conversations. Of course there is talk of anti-Semitism…there is also the violence. It amazes me that with all the violent movies that have been created, people take exception to this one.

Now, I have not seen the movie yet. I’m also at a disadvantage because I haven’t seen “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” or “Jason vs. Freddie” or “Pulp Fiction.” From what I’ve heard these are also violent films. When those movies came out, I didn’t hear that they were too violent. I’m just amazed.

This movie, it seems, is more like a documentary than an entertaining movie. Words like “painful” are said about it. I can’t see myself getting a large popcorn and pop while watching this movie. I’m not sure it was made to be entertaining, but rather informational and perhaps even formational. I wonder if Gibson believes people will be changed by this movie.

I’m also amazed at how many people are going to see this movie. I figured most non-christians wouldn’t really care about it (just look at Andy Rooney). So, it seems to me that most (but probably not all) people seeing the movie believe they have some connection to Christ. If this is the case, why do our churches seem so irrelevant in the world today?

Another thing I find amazing is the theater I’m planning on going to has matinee prices for all films EXCEPT this one. For some reason this movie is always $7.50 even with the other movies are only $5. Go figure. Perhaps it is because they know I won’t be buying the popcorn 😉