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The time seems to be ticking quite quickly now. I purchased a book called “An Iona Prayer Book” hoping it would help shift my mindset to a different rhythm as I prepare for the sabbatical.

One of the Wednesday readings are called “Pilgrimage” and a few sentences caught my attention:

“The question remains: are we open to being a pilgrim? Are we prepared to live with some of the risks and uncertainties and loose ends which pilgrimage always entails? The pilgrim can never have everything neatly ‘sown up’ – there is always the exploration, the search, the movement, the questions and the challenge.”

When I read that, I realized how I constantly want things to be neatly ‘sown up.’ I don’t like loose ends. I see that as I try to make arrangements of what to do in Scotland. I see that when I realize I have all the accommodations already set and paid for when I travel out west. I try to leave very little to ‘chance’ or exploration, search, or unanswered questions.

So, I’m trying to not get stressed out about questions that remain. So far, we have tickets to Scotland and a reservation for the Abbey on Iona. That’s it. Perhaps that’s enough. Of course, I’d feel much more secure if I had reservations in Edinburgh when we arrive, and I may at some point.

But for now, I wonder what does it look like to not be prepared? What would it be like to travel light and instead of having everything nailed down, discover a different approach?

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