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Review – Just Like Jesus by Max Lucado

I received an electronic version of this book free in exchange for a honest review.

There’s not too much I can say about this book, other than Max Lucado continues to do an excellent job. Those familiar with Lucado’s writing will find another inspirational and moving work. In the course of twelve chapters and a conclusion, Lucado takes a look at our hearts and how we can become more like Jesus. As a seasoned writer and pastor, Lucado encourages the reader to take a look at their own hearts in light of the heart of Jesus. He reflects on how the reader can cultivate their hearts to be more like Jesus. Lucado shows his heart as a pastor as he attempts to pull his readers into a greater devotion to become more like Jesus.

At times the book encourages while at other times it challenges. Whether encouraging or challenging, Lucado does so with humor and always with love. In the end, he calls the reader to fix their eyes on Jesus and finish the race well.

The book was well written with plenty of illustrations. It is not a difficult book, but it is a pleasure to read. The study guide at the end of the book is helpful for individual or group study. I recommend this book to those individuals or groups who want to strengthen their devotion to Jesus, so that their heart might become more like his.

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2 responses to “Review – Just Like Jesus by Max Lucado”

  1. Let G. Avatar
    Let G.

    Thank you David for sharing your review to us. Max Lucado has an easy to understand writing skill which a reader cannot find his book hard to grasp. I’ll get a hold of a copy of this book soon.

    Have you read He Did This Just for You? also by Max Lucado? I read many positive reviews about it which is an excellent way to introduce the gospel
    to our non-believing family members, friends and acquaintances.
    This book was recommended in the site http://booksforevangelism.org/.
    Maybe you can check out that site too! Great collection of books are listed there which I really found great!

    1. David Avatar

      I have not read that book. Thanks for the recommendation!

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