A Reason To Sit in the Back Pew (or An Illustration Gone Bad)


KOKOMO, Ind. — A pastor trying to demonstrate the concept of unity to his congregation broke his wrist when he accidentally drove a motorcycle off a 5-foot platform inside the church.

Kokomo pastor crashes motorcycle in church | IndyStar.com | The Indianapolis Star

Not too much of a point to this post. This happened over the summer in my home town, so I heard about it. It came up the other day, so I thought I’d look it up to see if there was more information. I guess from time to time my illustrations go bad…but at least I haven’t broken my wrist because of it. Perhaps more than anything, this shows how desperate pastors are to communicate the gospel. Or, it might show how much pressure we feel to do something extra-ordinary to keep the folks awake! 

In some ways it is a sad indicator of where Americanized Christianity is. Why do pastors feel the need to bring dirt bikes, or live animals, or tractors, or a whole host of things onto the stage so that people will be interested? Why do we know have light shows, expensive theatre-type sanctuaries and larger than life screens? Why does it seem like we have to go to these extremes to keep people from saying church is boring?

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