The joys of dialup are simply amazing. I guess once you have a cable modem you really never want to go back. Now that I only can get dialup I find that statement is true. Actually, I have a pretty good setup. I have my computer set to automatically dialup and get my email. The problem is, I’m unable to respond to my email unless I fire up my laptop, dial into the internet, start MS Outlook, download and finally answer my email. Usually I decide not to mess with it. The downside is that I’m finding I’m not answering my email, my email box keeps filling up and when I’m not online I don’t post to my blog. Well, tonight I decided to bite the bullet, get online, answer my email and post to my blog. So…there you have it…what my life has become 😉

Free Culture and the Church

 Just posted on UMSource a bit about Leonard Sweet’s new book. I was lamenting the fact that we in the church have not picked up on the the Free Culture movement. I didn’t say too much on UMSource, but since no one has found this site yet, I thought I’d post a bit more. I understand the need for someone to make a living, but it seems like those of us in the church are doing quite well for ourselves. We talk a good game about doing things for God, yet, we have no problem in getting compensated for those things that we credit to God. For example: A pastor may say God inspired him/her or God led her/him to a certain idea, sermon, program, etc. Yet, no one has a problem with that same person marketing that idea/sermon/program and making a lot of money. Now, I’m not against making a lot of money. The problem is by not participating in a ‘free culture’ or allowing ‘free access’ there are barriers to creativity and extension of ideas. By copyrighting that which we believe God ahs given us, the ability for someone to build upon the thing copyrighted is limited. My hope is that in the church there would be a free culture movement. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if those who are considered “top notch” move outside the mainstream and risk profit and future to allow God to use their work to enhance others (churches included). Well, it is late and I’ve rambled a bit, but hopefully someone will be able to build upon these ideas. Dave.

It has been a while since I’ve done much web relat…

It has been a while since I’ve done much web related. Tonight I posted to My umsource page. I hope to get back to blogging, conversing, thinking, etc. It’s not that I haven’t been thinking, I just haven’t been getting online much lately. The connection here is bad and since I only have one phone line, I feel more comfortable getting online late at night, which always isn’t a good thing. Hopefully more updates will come…