Been a while since I’ve posted anything. I get so…

Been a while since I’ve posted anything. I get so tired of not having a broadband connection. I’m even more tired of not having a dedicated (some type) of connection. So, for the time being I have to dial in everytime I want to do something on the Internet (of course, I know that most people still have to dial in, but it is a pain). I find that when I do dial in, I have other things to do too, so I don’t post. Hopefully I will make this more of a priority or something…


Right now, I’m reading a book on blogging, so, it …

Right now, I’m reading a book on blogging, so, it inspired me to make an entry 😉 Nothing special…..

As I continue to try to get my life inline with what Jesus would want, I’m finding that many things that I hang onto, I should probably rid myself of. One of the things I’m trying to let go of is my many books. It is amazing really. I know I probably won’t read these books again, but I like having them around just the same. My hope is by summer to at least get rid of half of my books. Some of the books I have, I haven’t read yet, so I plan on reading them first. If they are good (meaning I can use them to help my sermon prep, I will keep them, otherwise, it would be best to get rid of them.

One of the things I’m finding is that it would be good if I spent more time on sermon prep. I find preaching fairly easy which is both a blessing and a curse. I don’t have to do that much prep, but God still deserves my best and if preaching is an area God has gifted me in, it would be best if I worked at that area.

I just bought a new Tungsten E palm. At some point, I might put on information about programs that I’m finding very helpful in sermon prep and scripture study.

There are a couple of projects I am interested/wor…

There are a couple of projects I am interested/working in right now.

I was looking to see what bible programs were available. I found a pretty good (free) one called e-sword. Of course, there is the Online Bible project also. However, I also stumbled upon the sword project. This is a free open-source project.

Finding this project led me to the JSword project. This is a child project of Sword, but based in Java (which I know). The Bible texts are formated in OSIS. OSIS is an open-source XML initiative. The cool thing about XML, is you can use a Style Sheet (XSLT) to transform the XML into whatever format you want (HTML, PDF, other XML, etc). Of course, if you start with XML as the common format, you can really get rid of many compatablity issues that once existed.

Right now, I’m just discovering some of these things….in some ways I feel like I’ve missed the boat…. I plan on keeping some notes here.

– Dave.