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Using a Chromebook

Around March of this past year I was in the market for a new laptop. My laptop had seen better days and I was getting frustrated with the fan continuing to come on for, what seemed to be, no reason at all. I was also frustrated by spending way to long letting the thing update which added to the general slowness of the system.

I had tried cleaning off unneeded programs and also did a clean install. It seemed after adding only a few programs that I needed, the computer would, once again, be too slow to be a non-frustrating experience.

About that time my daughter wanted to get  a new laptop that she would end up taking to college. We had purchased her a Chromebook, but it ended up with a cracked screen and she wanted a windows computer.

She purchased a new laptop and I took over her Chromebook with the cracked screen. The screen took a while to get use to, but I loved the computing experience. Most of what I do can be done online and a Chromebook is perfect for that. I loved the experience so much, I ended up purchasing a new Chromebook (Toshiba) the next moth. I have not looked back since.

I still have my Windows PC and use Chrome Remote Desktop from time to time to do Windows specific computing, such as Logos Bible Software. Most of my time is spent on my Chromebook.

I have been actively using this laptop for seven months and I still love the experience. I am much less frustrated. On the rare occasions when there is a problem or crash, it literally takes 7 seconds to boot back to where I was. The updates take about 10 – 15 seconds. I love how light it is and how easy it is to take just about anywhere. The price wasn’t bad either!

For many people a Chromebook would probably be all the computer they need. If you are doing powerpoint, graphic editing, or have a specialized Windows program, then a Chromebook makes a great second computer. You will probably find you are using it most of the time and only using the Windows machine when you have specific projects.

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