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Adam Hamilton said something that really has caused me to pause and reflect. He said that successful (however you define it) pastors and churches are willing to do what unsuccessful pastors and churches are not willing to do. This seems to make a lot of sense. It is not only true of pastors and churches, but of musicians, athletes parents and students. Really it is true of just about everyone.

In the book Outliers Malcolm Gladwell discusses the very successful. Among his various observations is the ten thousand hour rule. Ten thousand hours is the time it takes to become successful. If you want to be a virtuoso, then you will need to practice around ten thousand hours Malcolm says. Sure talent plays a role, but the findings are that ten thousand trumps innate talent.

Successful people are willing to put in the time; in the gym, the practice room, the library, etc. The unsuccessful ones just are not willing to do so.

Perhaps one of the most productive things we can do is determine what we are not willing to do as individuals. Ten thousand hours is a lot of time. It takes most people about 10 years. I might not be interested.

What are we not willing to do as a church? The ten thousand hours may not come into play, but it is still helpful to know. Are you not willing to help in the nursery? VBS? There are things I’m not willing to do. Just remember though, the successful churches are those who are willing to do what the unsuccessful aren’t.

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