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Too Many Books….

A Christian bookstore nearby just went out of business. Each week they would increase the discount price by 5%. So, I was buying books anywhere between 30% – 50% off the cover price. So, now I have many books to read…perhaps too many. I also frequent the library and find books that I want to read there. Right now, here is my list:

Your God is Too Small – J. B. Phillips (I’m rereading this for a sermon series)
Mistaken Identity – Gaultiere (I’ve read it, but re-reading for a sermon series)
Uprising – McManus
Shaped by God’s Heart – Minatrea
On Loving God –
Madam Guyon
Shaped by the Word – Mulholland (Have read once, but wanted to read again)
Revelation – Mulholland (Been on my shelf way too long without reading)
The New Testament and the People of God – N. T. Wright (working my way through)
Rethinking the Church (Pastor friend of mine loaned me this)
Stories of Emergence (Same Pastor friend loaned me this)
The Last Word and the Word After That (McLaren)
Birth of the Living God – Rizo (??) (Again, for a sermon series)

Well, I believe that is about it…like I said, too many books, not enough time. I have other books I want to read, but the above is my “short” list.

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