The Church on the Outside

I love the following stuff from theBlog blog. I wonder what will happen when the people of the Church stop seeing the ‘sanctuary’ as where God is and is released to discover God where ever God might be. I wonder how a view of "God outside of the box" of our buildings would change the way we do what we do. I wonder what would happen if we stopped trying to get our church statistics up and started seeing ministry as "out there" rather than "in here." What an interesting time we would live in…..

The postmodern, in social terms, is the end of secular space. It is the acknowledgement of the spiritual connectedness of all reality. Emerging Churches look to embody their way of life within postmodern, or holistic, or spiritual cultures. These postmodern missionaries accept the givenness of culture, look for the fingerprints of God there, and hopefully, on their best days, get behind and support the work of God in the unlikeliest places. The rallying cry of Emerging Churches is Psalm 24:1 (I heard this all over England), ‘the earth is the lords’. No bad people, no bad parts of town, and no bad times, just those areas waiting/groaning for redemption…to be transformed…to connect with God…


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