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The “C” Word

When the doctor called me, he said I had a Neuroendocrine Tumor (NET). The preliminary report pointed in that direction and the biopsy confirmed it.

After the preliminary report, I looked up NETs because I wanted to know more. I learned that they were not all cancerous. However, it is believed the non-cancerous NETs can become cancerous. Either way, I knew the tumor would have to be removed.

When the doctor called me, he never mentioned whether the tumor was cancerous. It didn’t matter to me because I knew the end game or removing it would be the same.

My wife wanted to know one way or another, so she called the doctor’s office and inquired. After two days, we received word that the tumor, is indeed, cancer.

I’m trying to work through how I feel about knowing that it is cancer. I’m unsure whether it’s worse. Perhaps it just felt better believing that it wasn’t cancer. Now I must get use to the fact that I have cancer.

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4 responses to “The “C” Word”

  1. Daniel Helton Avatar
    Daniel Helton

    It’s helpful to know what you’re fighting. From a physical standpoint. In the mind it’s the trust in God that matters most. All prayers and support here!

    1. David Avatar

      Thanks, Dan! Yes, it is helpful and actually gives me hope. Once this is out, life will be better!

  2. Jen Lewis Avatar
    Jen Lewis

    Praying for you, David! Keep looking up and let Jesus be your guide????????????

    1. David Avatar

      Hi Jenny! I am doing my best! I know Jesus is with me through this!

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