Fuzzy Thoughts of David

Tag: Site News

  • Upgraded

    I just upgraded this site to the new version of WordPress. It went surprisingly smooth. Now I can post from my iPod. I keep thinking I should resurrect this now that I’m working on my dissertation. I’m hoping this doesn’t get sent to facebook.

  • Windows Live Writer

    I really like Windows Live Writer to do offline composition for blogs. However, since moving to Drupal I haven’t been able to get WLW to work. Well, if this post shows up, then WLW is working with Drupal. The main thing that I had failed to do is go to the Blog API module in…

  • Changes

    I’ve decided to switch my site over to Drupal from WordPress. I had several reasons. I’ll see how this goes. Right now I have this linked to both http://fuzzythinking.davidmullens.com and http://www.davidmullens.com. Hopefully I will be able to add other types of content.

  • A New Start

    Yes, you have reached my new website. I decided to redesign the whole thing and use Drupal to do it. This will also be ‘test’ ground for my Drupal experiments. For now, here are some links to find my stuff: places you can find me on the internet: my fuzzyThinking blog my doctoral blog my…

  • Blogging Last

    I find that much of my extra time has been spent on the UMSource.net site move and redesign. So far I am glad I made the move. Although, I wish it didn’t take as long as it did. It left me with little time for blogging or keeping up with the reading of blogs. I…