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  • What does God want? – Reflection on Psalm 50

    What does God want? – Reflection on Psalm 50

    Psalm 50:1-23 Monkey Mind When I read Scripture, sometimes I just don’t understand. My mind might be a thousand miles away. I may be distracted by a concern, something I watched on TV the night before, a sporting event, a song I can’t get out of my head, or a multitude of other thoughts, racing…

  • Psalm 37: How to Future-Proof Your Life

    Psalm 37: How to Future-Proof Your Life

    The Right Thing “So, what’s my reward?” he asked expectantly. “Well,” the reply came, “your reward is knowing you did the right thing.” Have you ever had someone say that to you? Have you ever said that to someone else? Perhaps your kids? While the sentiment sounds good, deep down hearing, “doing the right thing…

  • A Beautiful Story of Renewal

    A beautiful story of renewal and sacrifice. Sara wants to be a part of God’s renewal in her neighborhood. May we desire the same. via Sara’s Story on Vimeo.

  • A Lenten Sacrifice

    Over the past month or so I’ve been thinking about what I’m going to deny myself during Lent. In the past, I’ve given up chocolate, pizza, pop (soda), or other things I’ve enjoyed. This year it has been a difficult decision. I haven’t been eating that much chocolate. I stopped drinking soda (pop) over the…