Should I Stay or Should I Go – Reflection on Psalm 55

Psalm 55:1-23


You can’t believe what you are hearing! Your friend, your best friend, shares what you told them in confidence. You’ve been betrayed! If it was anyone else you wouldn’t be surprised, but you though your friend was on your side. Now you wonder if he was ever really a friend. Perhaps all the kind words were a facade. Maybe he was trying to ‘suck you in’ so that he could destroy you!
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Craving Justice – Reflection on Psalm 52

Psalm 52

Some Background

God rejected Saul as king because of his disobedience. Saul also had a deep paranoia concerning David because he Saul believed David was trying to take the throne from him. Saul wanted David dead.

As David ran from Saul, he went to the priests at Nob and requested food and provisions. Ahimelech, the priest, thought David was on an assignment from the king and provided bread, provisions, and Goliath’s sword to David. Continue reading “Craving Justice – Reflection on Psalm 52”

“The Shooting Gallery Called America”

Bishop Coyner, bishop of the Indiana United Methodist Conference, addressed the recent school shooting in Ohio in his “E-pistles.” He writes that it is time to confess that we, as Americans, are a violent people. We need to realize that our violence is deeper than guns and shootings. It seems to be in the fabric of our hearts. He writes:

It even happens in the church, people threaten one another, take sides, gather allies to “do battle” with those who disagree, and threaten to withhold money or love or support if they don’t get their own way. Violence is not just about shooting someone, sometimes it is about channeling hatred in nasty e-mails, gossip, and libelous comments on Facebook.

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Morning Reflection 2/10/12


I listen carefully to what God the Lord is saying,
for he speaks peace to his faithful people.
But let them not return to their foolish ways.
Surely his salvation is near to those who fear him,
so our land will be filled with his glory.

Unfailing love and truth have met together.
Righteousness and peace have kissed!


While it might be easy to hear, it certainly isn’t easy to listen. There have been times I’ve heard what someone was saying, but I wasn’t really listening. Maybe I was thinking about something else, or perhaps even preparing my rebuttal. Either way, I wasn’t listening to what was being said.

The Psalmist says that he listens carefully to what God is saying because God speaks peace to his faithful people. Wouldn’t it be great to go throughout the day with peace; not just the absence of strife, or stress, but peace that passes understanding. This is the type of peace we discover when our lives are centered in God through Jesus. In Jesus, love and truth have come together. In him, righteousness and peace have kissed!

Perhaps today is a good day to make a choice to not only hear, but to also listen deeply to God, because he is speaking. Through prayer and scripture we place ourselves in position where we can listen as he speaks peace into our lives. May you discover the peace of God as you listen carefully today.

On Humility

If there is good in you, see more good in others, so that you may remain humble. It does no harm to esteem yourself less than anyone else, but it is very harmful to think yourself better than even one. The humble live in continuous peace, while in the hearts of the proud are envy and frequent anger.

– Thomas, à Kempis

Humility is the path to spiritual fulfillment. It seems so easy, yet, humility is one of the difficult qualities to develop. Even when I seem humble, I may not be. My lack of humility usually comes when I’m stressed. Sometimes it looks like impatience, because, after all, I’m too important to have to wait. If I could develop true humility, I would find peace.